The QR in QR codes stands for quick response and it’s simply a kind of two-dimensional barcode that is readable by smartphones and other devices. Unlike a conventional barcode that consists of vertical lines, QR codes can store data vertically and horizontally.

A standard barcode can store up to 20-30 characters, whereas a QR code has the ability to store many thousands. Once a device has read a QR code, it can connect directly to websites, dial phone numbers, send text messages and other useful actions. Based on the information contained within the QR code, the device reading it will automatically know how best to open the content, making them very intuitive to use.

Most people are familiar with QR codes but until fairly recently they really weren’t that popular as they were tricky to scan and awkward to use. QR codes have been widely used in China and Japan for quite some time where according to an article in The Economist, they enabled $1.65 trillion of mobile payments last year. Now quick response codes are appearing more frequently in North America and in Europe as companies begin to see the benefits of using these codes along with NFC tags to enhance their customer’s experiences. In recognition of the popularity of QR codes in other countries, many of the newer smartphones now have built-in QR code recognition in their cameras. Interest has increased substantially since Apple updated its camera app to include QR scanning. It is becoming increasingly common to find QR codes on business cards, posters, and flyers, as well as products. Consumers are also becoming more familiar with using QR codes because they are now so much easier to scan.

In the past, these codes had to be reprinted if you needed to change the link. Now, BCM has the technology to create redirectable quick response codes. If you need to change the focus of a campaign or if your details change, there is no need to have them reprinted so they can always remain current. One thing to bear in mind when using a QR code for business purposes is that people will expect to see something truly useful or informative when they scan it.

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