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BCM specialises in providing customised Internet of Things solutions. Use our experience to leverage the full impact of the Physical Web.

Sky's The Limit

The Physical Web is a brand-new dimension to the Internet, allowing the Internet of Things to intersect with the World Wide Web; the next step up from apps.

Customer Service

Forget about expensive marketing or PPC campaigns. The Physical Web is the affordable solution. Smartphone users choose to access your content so they already want to know about your services or products. Correctly leveraged, this curiosity can be converted into a valued customer.

BCM’s Services

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Leverage Our Expertise

BCM specialises in providing customised Internet of Things solutions. Use our experience to leverage the full impact of the Physcial Web

Every Client is Unique

We will custom-design a solution for your company, ensuring your consumers see relevant, up-to-date content

Quality Every Time

We only use high-quality, certified Bluetooth beacons. They are optimized for range and reliability. We can provide waterproof beacons for outside use.

Service and Support

We are here to help you. Need to change your beacon content or schedule? Just let us take care of it

Not Just Resellers!

Our experienced and talented software developers have custom-designed our app to include useful features that help us stand out from the crowd. We can work directly with clients with specific or more technical requirements

Everything In-House

All of the beacon programming, security and configuration is handled in-house. Our network is secure and reliable, and hosted here in Canada

Our Latest Blogs and News

Regular updates on the Physical Web, Beacons and All the Things of the Internet…

Accelerate Up The Learning Curve

Beacons are still very new so if you are not sure how they will help you why not take advantage of our free one-month trial. We will set up beacons for you and can adjust the content shown as often as required, and of course we will provide detailed stats during your evaluation so you can see for yourself just how effective this approach can be for you, your business and most of all, your customers old and new.

This is a limited offer so contact us now.

Every time you see our easily identifiable logo, you can be sure there is a beacon nearby. This is your ‘heads-up’ that there is useful content available right now on your smartphone.

As part of our customer service, we provide waterproof stickers with every beacon (two sizes available), even with a free trial.

 No matter what your business may be, if you have a location where your customers may be present, we can help you to reach them in a more effective and timely manner.

Example: Real Estate

BCM is working with realtors in the area to set up ‘smart signs’ outside properties for sale. These signs are equipped with long-range beacons to help house hunters learn about properties of interest on-the-spot.

Example: Car Dealers

Beacons are an ideal way to help busy car dealers help interested customers at any time. BCM is placing beacons in car lots to help dealers provide an even better customer experience, even after closing time.

Example: Retail Stores

Retailers can leverage huge advantages by using beacons in-store. Shoppers entering the store can be greeted with coupons or special offers, or can learn about products and services as they browse.

And Then We Added an App

BCM develops and supports all of its products, software and networks in-house. This means we have already solved all the technical issues that can crop up when dealing with new technology such as this. We use SSL certificates to ensure full security for your data. Our software has been reviewed and approved by both Google and Apple.


A sleek way to explore the Physical Web

Our appdownloads and installs seamlessly onto your smartphone. With a bold and easy-to-read interface, the Physical Web has never looked this good.


Android and iPhone compatible

Expert programming ensures your experience is identical whether you love your iPhone or your Android.


Bring your brand along too!

We can customise the app to reflect your brand identity. Help your customers explore the Physical Web while helping your name stay on-screen.

Download our App

We provide a fully-featured Physical Web app for your smart device free of charge.

Download the BCM app for your phone or tablet here.

Meet our Team

Laura Curry

Laura Curry

Chief Operating Officer

Proud to be an Island girl, Laura was born and raised on this beautiful rock.  She moved to Vancouver shortly after graduating High School but returned to the Harbour City where she is happiest to call home. A long background in the hospitality industry has embedded a strong ability to provide outstanding client service. Knowing the importance of building solid relationships and maintains them to the highest regard, also with experience in the Real Estate Industry and Property Management Laura has the core skills and values to get the job done. She has been happily married for the past 10 years and has two amazing kids.

Wade Curry

Wade Curry

Creative Director

Wade is our creative genius. Graduating with a Masters Degree in Recording Arts and Music Production back in 2001, Wade has been working in collaboration with many artists over the years turning their artistic dreams into a recorded reality. Wade’s greatest strengths are an extremely hard work ethic and strong drive to succeed, not only meeting but exceeding his consumer’s expectations.  He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach.  Using the latest cutting edge technology Wade will elevate your company’s marketing capabilities to new heights.

Alison Aldridge

Alison Aldridge

Chief Executive Officer

Alison originally trained and worked as a dental professional in her native UK. Upon emigrating to beautiful BC, she seized the opportunity to forge a new career as an expert copywriter, and seven years on has never looked back.

Tim Smith

Tim Smith

Chief Technology Officer

His favourite colour is #27AE60.

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