Firstly, congratulations as when used correctly, that tiny device is a powerful marketing tool. However, it is still very new technology and you need a clear strategy to help maximise its value. A passive approach is unlikely to yield the results you desire. Follow our simple steps to get the most value from your Beacon.

Tell Everybody
Many people are still unaware of Beacon technology and how it could help enhance and enrich their shopping experiences, so you must let them know it is available. If you use social media to promote your business, be sure to mention your Beacon. Make sure your consumers know tapping that link will do something useful for them. For example, many businesses use Beacons to promote products and build brand loyalty with coupons or discounts that will be available to consumers when they click on your link. Everybody loves getting a bargain or receiving something that makes them feel valued and this helps to promote brand loyalty.

Get a Logo
Your Beacon kit includes stickers with the Physical Web logo. Locating these stickers where they are easily visible will prompt people to check their phones; it is highly likely they are already holding their phone! If you need more stickers, just let us know.

Do Not Spam
We can’t emphasise this enough. If people receive too many messages that do not offer them any value, they will not click on your link. Every link must offer something of interest, or which saves consumers money. Above all, it must be relevant to that location.

Use the Stats to Perfect Your Campaigns
Use the information these stats provide to gauge the success of a particular landing page or offer. If a campaign doesn’t seem to be working as well as you’d hoped, ask yourself what you can do to improve it. Sometimes it might be as simple as tweaking the message sent to people’s smartphones. If it doesn’t look interesting enough, they will not tap on it. It doesn’t take long to craft a single line of text telling potential consumers a bit more about your business and why they need to visit your page. Think about what makes you click on a link when you search on Google.

Create a Custom Page
A great way to promote your business is to have your Beacon pointing to a custom landing page that clearly shows any offers or discounts, or details of particular products you wish to promote. It doesn’t need much text, it just needs to be clear as to what is being offered.

Check Your Security
Your Beacon will generate more traffic so now is the time just to double-check your website security. Take a few moments to ensure it has all the latest updates and that WordPress logins are secure.

Place Your Beacon Carefully
Beacons are powerful but they are not miracle workers. When locating your Beacon, try to make sure it has as few impediments, such as multiple walls, as possible within its range. This will help it transmit its signal more clearly and for a greater range. We also suggest locating Beacons away from microwave ovens, as those pesky microwaves can interfere with the signal.

Need help? Have questions? Contact us! We want you to be successful, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and leverage our expertise on the Physical Web.