Finding the perfect house can be time-consuming and frustrating for buyers.   While searching online is one place to start, many potential purchasers will also drive around neighbourhoods, just to get a feel of the area and to possibly view a property from the outside.  Although many For Sale signs will have one of those Perspex boxes of house details attached below, it’s a low-tech way to get details across to interested buyers. Additionally, it relies on these boxes being topped up regularly and then, of course, there is the cost of printing these leaflets. It is true buyers can search online, but this can be a hassle and isn’t instant. There is a risk they may lose interest and will never get in contact to book that vital viewing. Beacons can change all this, bringing the power of the internet into the physical world.

With Beacon Technology Your Listing ‘Talks’ to Potential Buyers
Now imagine if potential buyers could pull up outside a house and could instantly view the details on their smart phone or tablet, without the need to search. With this option, they can immediately see colour photos, floor plans, and relevant details and if they like what they see, they can get in touch with you instantly through text, phone or email. In effect, it’s as if the house can ‘talk’ to potential buyers. As they drive around, they can create lists of interesting homes to look at later on or to share the details with family and friends to get their opinion before they even book a viewing. Buyers get all this information without divulging any personal data, so their privacy is always protected. This is the beauty of using beacon technology, a high-tech, greener and cost-effective solution.

How It Works
Beacons are tiny, tough and weatherproof and can be located just about anywhere, for example right on the For Sale sign. A beacon is powered by batteries that will last up to two years before they need replacing and battery power can be viewed remotely. They emit a wireless signal that can be detected by smart phones and tablets. This sends a message to the device with a URL link. A short line of text lets users know what they can view by clicking on the link. The URL can take potential purchasers directly to the house details so there’s no need for them to spend ages searching for the right details online. Beacons are simply a way to allow homebuyers to instantly access the content they need right at that moment. The signal emitted by a beacon can be detected up to 100 m away and this range is configurable.

Unlike leaflets, beacons are reusable. Once the property is sold simply move the beacon to the next listing. The URL can be instantly reconfigured to point to the next property. If you don’t have another listing, simply carry it with you or leave it in your car and have the URL point directly to your website so potential buyers and sellers can contact you directly. It’s a little like carrying around a virtual business card.

Why Talk to Us?
We make the whole process of setting up and using your beacons easy and trouble-free. BCM will supply you with top quality beacons and can give advice about where and how to locate them. Simply give us the URL location and we do the rest. You can change the URL as frequently as needed. Just let us know and we will do it for you. Every month, we will send you a report, showing how frequently each beacon was detected and how many times a listing was viewed via this link. With beacons, you can leverage the very latest technology with minimal effort and outlay.

To make your listings stand out from the crowd, contact BCM for a chat and a demonstration.