Car dealerships only have a short window of opportunity to create the right impression . Visiting a showroom with the intent of buying a new vehicle should be a rewarding experience for the consumer, but if your dealership is having a busy day then it can become frustrating. Of course, you can always ask a customer to wait but it could mean that ultimately you lose a sale. What’s more, when someone has a negative experience then they are unlikely to return and may tell others. Managing footfalls in any business can be tricky but can be especially challenging for car dealerships and similar businesses where long-term customer loyalty is so important.

Now imagine a different scenario, where someone comes in to buy a car when you are busy, but instead of being stuck waiting for information, they can access all the details on their smartphone. These days, people will often check prices or look for reviews on their smartphone. At this stage, they might not even want to speak to a salesman. With Beacons you can help to create a much more welcoming and informative in-store experience, helping to convert browsers into buyers.

Creating an Improved In-Store Experience for Your Customers with Beacons
By providing the right information, you can ensure your customers feel attended to and welcome. The vehicle details you provide are entirely your choice and are completely customisable, depending on the potential buyers. Once a buyer comes within range of a Beacon, they receive a notification on their phone. If they are interested, they tap the link to see more.

Providing Vital Information
You can provide vital statistics about the car, including information on any deals currently offered. You could feature a comparison chart with other popular models or even show a video of the car. Providing detailed images and lots of information can be particularly helpful for high-end models, helping a buyer to imagine themselves in the driving seat and turning a day-dream into reality.

Booking a Test Drive
Once your customers have read the details, they can then tap a link to book a test drive. This can be especially useful at busy times.

Encouraging After Hours Browsers to Car Dealerships
Attaching Beacons to vehicles on your forecourt allows customers to access information and to request a test drive out of hours, increasing the accessibility of your business.

Generating Data
When a consumer accesses information on a Beacon, it will not collect any personal data, so their privacy is protected. However, the data generated is still very useful. You can analyse which makes and models, and which price ranges are most popular, helping you to adjust your showroom design in the future. Placing your most popular model front and centre could help generate more interest and more sales in the future.

Reusable and Affordable
Beacons are reusable, provided you remember to remove it from the car once it is sold. A Beacon can be reconfigured as often as needed and even the range can be adjusted, creating an improved customer experience at a highly affordable price.

We have standard and long-range Beacons in stock. Contact us to discover more about Beacon technology and how it could help your business.